Works sucks, I know.

This weekend I had an interesting experience working at an event for VIBE magazine.  The magazine caters for the most part to the hip-hop community, so I already knew what to expect, but little did I know about the horrors that were to come.  The event was held at club LOVE in DC, and while driving up there I already knew it was no Beverly Hills.  I was driving down dirty, narrow alleys, with abandoned warehouses on both sides with boarded-up doors and broken windows.  When I pulled up to the loading dock to unload some gear, I stumbled upon an interesting scene…

Right then I knew something was up…Long story short, I endured 4 hours of terrible, floor shaking music and as soon as the event was over I bailed the f@#k out of there.  Thank you very much.


One Response to “Works sucks, I know.”

  1. wow, that has got to be the scariest thing

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