Pick Up Lines

We all know them, and we all use them.  I would say that 95% if them are pathetic, but there are a few that are very witty and will definitely get you laid.  In the comments section I want you to post your favorite ones, and maybe a story associated with it.  Ladies, your job is to post the ones that worked on you, so we can all learn.  Here is mine…

You are at a party/bar/wherever when you see a pretty girl and you think to yourself..man, I would love to get in her pants tonight! So with confidence high you casually stroll up to her and you say the following:

you:  “Hey, I have a question for you..”

girl:  “What?”

you: “Have you ever kissed a rabbit(bunny) between its ears?”

***now most girls probably have not done it, so they would have to say “no” – you are golden

girl: “No..”

Now comes the most crucial part..as casual as your stroll, put on a suggestive face, put your hands in your pockets and smoothly turn them inside out like so

Having your fly already unzipped is optional, but after that awesome display of wits and confidence she’ll be sure to give it up on the spot.

So tell me you stories, and we’ll see who emerges the winner.


2 Responses to “Pick Up Lines”

  1. “You look like I need another drink!”

  2. This one is courtesy of our friend Joey. All you need for this one is some sort of rag/handkerchief/paper towel. You come up to a girl, reach in you pocket, take out the rag and while moving it toward her face say ” Does this smell like chloroform?” ZING!

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