Fuck You, Mike!

After thousands of angry emails which say some nasty things about my mother, after hundreds of people yelling profanities at me on the street and spitting in my general direction, I finally gathered enough courage to resume writing this simply awesome blog.  The numerous death threats were an eye opener, ladies and gentleman, and a wise man once said, “GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, PUNK!”

To start, please, post all your insults towards me in the comments section.  You win a prize for the most original put down…who am I kidding, no one reads this shit…

Anyway, there are a lot of cool things happening with Force Major.  First and foremost, we would like to welcome a new guitar player, Ilia Kobrinsky, into the force major family.  He is a very talented young musician/recording engineer/pimp and we can’t wait to throw him into the deep end 🙂 Come out to one of the upcoming shows (very soon) and show him some love.

In other news, we will be recording our first music video this weekend, so if you would like to participate, let me know asap.

Can’t wait to hear all your insults, and I leave you with these words




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