Happy Thanksgiving!

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I want to wish everybody a great thanksgiving! Be thankful for what you have, and keep dreaming big.  Last weekend we took a little trip down to Philadelphia, and I must say its a great city.  We were mainly walking around downtown, so obviously we only saw the best parts of town, but that was enough for me.  Philly has a very European feel to it.  Narrow cobble stone streets and old buildings really provide a unique atmosphere.  There is an Irish Pub on every corner, and the people are very friendly and welcoming.  If you want to see pictures from our trip, click on the thumbnail below and it will take you to our travel album.





Here is a video of us training for the next world cup.  Watch out Brazil, the tipsy trio is coming.



Screw the Industry

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Yesterday I was showing our previous blog videos to our good friend/photographer/ex-bass player Chepurin.  We were having a great laugh about it until we tried to watch this video.  When I clicked on the play button an error message showed up saying “This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment.  It is restricted from playback on certain sites.” WTF? Are you kidding me?  The background music for the video is the song “What Is Love” by Haddaway which is property of Sony, but for crying out loud, I bought the LICENSED CD with the song on it like 10-15 years ago!  Give me a fucking break Sony, pardon my French.  This is just not right.

Masters of Their Craft

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Here are a few videos I found showing people who really OWN their respected instruments.  Thanks for being modest guys.

All you metal shredders, I want to see you play that on a classical guitar!

This guy is just retarded good! After watching him play nothing seems impressive anymore.

I don’t know why, but in every drum video the drummer showing off just looks like a total douche.




For the grand finale, I wanted to share with you guys a band that are truly masters of their craft. We can all learn a thing or two from these guys.

Pick Up Lines

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We all know them, and we all use them.  I would say that 95% if them are pathetic, but there are a few that are very witty and will definitely get you laid.  In the comments section I want you to post your favorite ones, and maybe a story associated with it.  Ladies, your job is to post the ones that worked on you, so we can all learn.  Here is mine…

You are at a party/bar/wherever when you see a pretty girl and you think to yourself..man, I would love to get in her pants tonight! So with confidence high you casually stroll up to her and you say the following:

you:  “Hey, I have a question for you..”

girl:  “What?”

you: “Have you ever kissed a rabbit(bunny) between its ears?”

***now most girls probably have not done it, so they would have to say “no” – you are golden

girl: “No..”

Now comes the most crucial part..as casual as your stroll, put on a suggestive face, put your hands in your pockets and smoothly turn them inside out like so

Having your fly already unzipped is optional, but after that awesome display of wits and confidence she’ll be sure to give it up on the spot.

So tell me you stories, and we’ll see who emerges the winner.

November 27 – Austin Grill

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We just got the posters for the Austin Grill show, and they are looking pretty cool.  It is always a fun to play at AG because its basically the only venue in the heart of Rockville and playing if front of your home crowd is a blast.  It would be cool, however, if we had a real rock club to perform at.  We need to start a venue in Rockville, the name is already there, who’s with me? Anyway, I hope to see all of you on the 27th for some good music, strong drinks and a lot of great people.  Spread the word, tell your friends..hehe

Stupidity…its contageous

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Sometimes you just can’t help but be an idiot, or act a fool, whatever you call it.  Well, this is one of these moments.. sound tracked by a 90’s anthem, and of course, one hell of an idiot.  See for yourself.


Spy Game

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Does anyone remember the incident that happen this June?  In a nutshell, a bunch Russian spies were arrested on espionage suspicions, but they were not your typical James Bond type characters, they we’re actually smoking hot girls.  They lived “innocent” suburban lives mostly in NYC and Arlington, VA where they we’re actually stationed for long-term surveillance.  Here is a picture of Anna Chapman, one of these lovely ladies.  I must say, that is a damn good cover and I wouldn’t mind spilling the beans if she asked really, really nicely 🙂

Anyway, I read this article today that the Kremlin has dispatched an assassin to terminate the Russian double agent who apparently gave them up.  WOW…I didn’t know we lived in such an exciting area and that the Cold War is not over.